David DEHARBE – Partner- Specialised in environmental law
Stéphanie GANDET
 – Partner
Aurélien Boudeweel
Yann Borrel
Lou Deldique
Sébastien Bécue
Graziella Dode
Jérémy Taupin
Fanny Angevin

GREEN LAW AVOCAT, a French law firm, is specialised in all aspects of environmental law and policies.

Both in our consulting and auditing capacities, we are able to secure legal approval procedures and their corresponding land development. In environmental litigation, our lawyers can represent you before the administrative jurisdictions as well as the civil, commercial and criminal ones.

A niche law firm

We are a small personal law firm comprising six lawyers, supported by visiting university professors; it focuses on proximity, competence and reactivity.

Our ethic enables us to advise and defend all environmental causes with solid grounds and it prides itself on promoting a law that reconciles economic and human activities with the protection of the environment.

A law firm dedicated to environmental law

Our domains of expertise include industrial development, the production of renewable energy, the management of environmental liabilities, neighbourhood disputes and sanitary risks …

Resolutely in favour of sustainable environmental law, we defend and advise companies specialised in renewable energies, whether it be corporate or private entities as well as associations for the defence of the environment or public bodies.

National presence

As far as the administrative courts are concerned, we can represent you throughout France. But we can also represent you before the civil, commercial and criminal jurisdictions when pleading environmental matters, with a local correspondent if necessary.

Our law firm has established since January 2012 a close collaboration with Maître Raphael ROMI and the law firm ANTELIS et COIC Associés, lawyers at the Nantes Bar.